Palo Alto Networks Brings Out-Of-Band Web Security To Cloud

Your first thought after reading that headline was probably my very first question. What exactly is “Out-of-Band” security? In general, it is an immediate security update in the event of an emergency that is a zero-day catastrophe. For instance, when Microsoft takes a step back and announces a non-Patch-Day fix.  However, it was when Palo Alto Networks (PANW) which is […]

Tips For Finding a Well Paid Job In Canada

Many foreign nationals see Canada as a bright and exciting place and hope to have a comfortable and happy life. There are many people who seek employment in Canada. But, it isn’t easy to find work here.   Below are some tips to help you succeed in your job search in Canada.    Introduction A job offer from Canada can significantly […]

PF Withdrawal Process: Everything You Need To Know

A Provident fund is a yearly contribution required from each employee, but this amount can be as small as $50. Investing in a Provident Fund is an excellent way to build a financial cushion for retirement. With contributions based on the age of the person, you can increase your income as you get older and retire. If you are a […]

Twitter Tests Long-Form Text Feature Called 'Notes'

Twitter has not provided any details about the wider roll-out of the long-form feature beyond a small number of writers. Twitter Inc announced on Wednesday that it is testing a new feature called Notes, which allows users to post essay-like writings as links on the social media platform. It also stated that Revue, its newsletter company, was being included in […]

Cloudflare Massive Outage Due To Network Configuration Error

Cloudflare claims that a major outage that affected more than a dozen data centers and hundreds of online platforms and services was due to a change that should have improved network resilience. Cloudflare stated that it experienced an outage today, June 21, 2022. This affected traffic in 19 data centers. These 19 locations account for a large portion of our […]