What are customized web design?

The website is a must for every business to enlarge business operations to gain accessibility, profitability and scalability. Without a website, you cannot bring the business presence in existence. Especially in the digital era, it’s the tool to grow your market value in the online world. You can define your business in detail with the website, moreover, you can drive sales and generate profits.

Best web designs are the one that is tailored to client wants and need. A client wants the design to be in his way so he will tell you the requirements, the template and much more. You don’t need to cross their guidance circle. But, the need for customized web designs is gradually diminishing. The resistance to customize design occurs because it specifically revolves around client requirements and can result in delays of projects and extend cost on projects.

Pros of a customized web design

Although the needs for custom website design are depriving we cannot forget the pros of it. If you have to use the customized design you must be aware of these pros.

  • It’s what a client wants and thoroughly customized to client needs.
  • If you are using a template, your modifications will be limited, but with a customized design, you can make changes whenever you want.
  • If you choose the right developer for your website, there are chances that your website can be SEO optimized.
  • Using the DIY solutions, you don’t need to hire a developer to create a customized web design. You can help yourself for creating a web design meeting your needs.
  • CMS can built-in the websites, making easier for the owners to update and change the content themselves.
  • The web design will revolve around business branding and needs.

But just because customized designs fit in some of the requirements, it doesn’t mean they are adapted in every professional entity.

Professional web design company do not consider a customized web design good for businesses. Here is why:


01: Client Perspective: Client comes in with requirements for the web designs but they are not aware of the consequences that come with implementing the designs.

For example, they say “they need a website that is animated, whimsical and bold in design” but is this kind of website right from a business perspective? Definitely not, because a business website is sleek in design and is mould towards the business agenda.

Clients undermine developers experience and set their requirements on top. Neither do they understand the significance of strategic websites? However, we cannot blame the client completely for this, they have their requirements but it is our job to explain what customized web design can bring for them.


02: Time-Consuming and Expensive: Without any doubt, customized web designs can cost your elongated time and burden your pockets. If you have hired a web design company for one specific project and you want them to mould your requirements, they will take their time.

Additionally, the time you spend satisfying your one client, you missed the opportunity to make money from other projects. You have to work until the client approves your design and by the time your client finishes the design, you have already spare the time.


03: Users don’t care about the custom: The client needs to understand the fact that the website is not built from their perspective but from the user’s experience. Users don’t give attention to design when they are focused on completing their needs only.

Users don’t go deep into the design and judge the visual elements in it. They care about the functionality and content.

For example: If you are leading an e-commerce website and your visitors are coming to shop, so without looking the web design they’ll hop into the catalogue where they buy their products.

In summary, a website with weak functionality can be detrimental to your business success so it’s better to choose a website with simple design and content.


04: DIY Websites: Some designers feared to use DIY websites and they think these websites can put them out of business. DIY websites tell that you can build the website yourself but according to my experience it is misleading. If you build a website yourself customers won’t come.  

For example: If the customer is a real estate agent, blogger, marketer, and the doctor would he be capable to build the website himself? And in case if he creates his own website will it include all the important elements a strategic website should have.

A pro tip is that web designers should use DIY websites to remove the headache of custom web design services. This will help generate you more profit rather in a short time.

End Thoughts: Customized web designs are good but only in some ways, they don’t give you long-term benefits. For example, you create a website tailoring your today’s need but for the future, it may deprive because web design and development is an industry where trends keep on evolving. Web Design and development will never follow the same path over the years, nor will they in the future.

But, if you still want to stick with the customized web design you need to strongly adopt the changes striking in. In the end, it’s all about what you want.


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