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12 Simple and Cost-Effective Home Improvement Ideas

If you are an ambitious DIYer, you are already on your way to save money. However, with one project that only offers you a couple of hundred bucks, you’ll be able to transform the feel of a complete room with the perfect preparation. Pick from

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Must Know Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends in 2019

Following the EPA, approximately 89 per cent off most of the waste from the U.S. is recyclable. However, we just recycle about 34% of it. The surplus in waste hurts our environment since that waste disintegrates into gases that add to the greenhouse effect creating

6 reasons why you should install a wooden fence around your house

Defining your territory? That’s just one use of fence! Enclosing your area with any material has many benefits that include protecting your home sweet home from animals, prevent your neighbours from spying on your house, block unpleasant sights, etc. Whatever is the reason, installing a